The 2018 Fleurish Color Of The Year Is…

…Malachite Green!

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Saying goodbye to our beloved Sapphire Blue hasn’t been easy. We really fell for this color and enjoyed integrating it into the site. But alas, all good things must come to an end and we’re excited to welcome a new color to the family.

Considering the failed expectations of 2017, a color like malachite green signals hope that better is on the horizon. Malachite is one of our favorite stones, as it represents transformation. It is associated with the heart chakra, imagination, and decision making. Green is a healing color, one that is tied to renewal, growth, and harmony.

We know that growth is not always pretty or even easy. With the power of healing green on our side, we are keeping our hearts open to new and enriching experiences. Grow and go green in 2018!

(Photos are not ours; credits can be found by hovering over each picture)


It’s the season for giving and we are counting down to gifting time. Here are some things on our list that we are excited to give (and receive!) this holiday season.

Clockwise from top left: “You Got the Whole Wide World” ASATT sweatshirt, $70, available on Saint Heron until Dec 22; Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint, $24, Sephora; Tsubota Pearl Latitude lighter, $35, Maimoun; The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, $16.20 on Amazon; Plum Cast Iron Kettle, $17, on sale at Cost Plus World Market; Talkspace giftcard, $156/1 mo; $420/3 mo via Talkspace ; Girls Trip, $19.99 on Best Buy ; How To Make Lemonade box set, $299.99 (sold out, but we can dream)

Holiday Wishlist 2017


Tracee Ellis Ross: 10 Times She Made Us Swoon

It’s #WCW and we’re crushing on Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross (the real question is, who isn’t??). Ross, who currently stars in Black-ish and made us love to tolerate her character Joan on Girlfriends, is someone we admire for always staying true to herself. While we have mused over her before, we want to show some extra love to this Scorpio queen celebrating her birthday on the 29th! Here are countless 10 outfits of hers that we just love.

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Power Pose | Fleurish Fall Moodboard

As the seasons change, we like to stay prepared to strike the right pose. Dressed in shades of our favorite fall colors, strutting is the name of the game. We’re into silhouettes that make a statement as soon as you walk in the room: capes with tall leather boots, (faux) fur and/or vinyl in fun colors, rich hues, and pantsuits that pack a punch. This fall, it’s all about stepping into your power and being as fearless with style as only you know how. Strike a power pose and go conquer the world.

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From the moment that I realized one could use the internet to watch fashion shows, I have been doing so. And despite the hype and pretension, I still have a desire to attend fashion week in the future. However, my longstanding love for fashion week waned as I learned more about social injustices – and saw them reflected on the runway. Reading accounts by black models of how difficult it is to have their hair properly styled or even being turned away because well-known designers aren’t “casting black models this season” disinterested me. I realized that I had been in love with an entity that never really saw or understood me.

In recent years, there’s been a shift and NYFW has become more inclusive. This September (a.k.a. Fashion Month), I appreciated the diversity in terms of race, body type, gender identity and age on the runways and in presentations. This diversity on the modeling side has restored my hope for fashion week’s future, yet I was reminded that we still need more designers of color. I was dazzled by the designs of my longtime favorite Cushnie et Ochs and rooted for Shayne Oliver’s Helmut Lang debut, but my total count of designers of color came up short.

I am doubly disappointed to be underwhelmed by this season as a whole, but my love for the art persists. All of the above photos are my favorite looks from the season thus far (hover over image for designer credit). When reviewing runway shows, I ask myself: do I like this only because I would wear it? Also, can I separate my respect from the artistry from my desire (or lack thereof) to wear it? Answering no to the former and yes to the latter is ideal. Here, I’ve tried to strike a fine balance between being fair and wanting certain pieces for myself. I just really want a lucite briefcase in my closet ASAP and to see more black and brown designers going forward.


The Highs and Lows of Fashion Month


The Fleurish Girl

Who is the Fleurish Girl?

Here are some examples:

  • a glamour girl with down to earth sensibilities
  • a woman, of any age, who stays true to herself
  • a modern femme with an old soul
  • all of the above and more

The Fleurish Girl is a combination of all the women we’ve ever been inspired by and the women we are becoming. She is the girl whose style and ambition we are perpetually swooning over. She is fly, colorful, wise, emotional, and real. The Fleurish Girl values style as much as she values education. She addresses discrimination and supports justice for all. She is in tune with herself and nature and inspired by all walks of life. Simply put, she is THAT girl.

There are plenty of women who fit this archetype. In no particular order, here are some fabulous women of color who embody the spirit of Fleurish1994: Bianca Jagger, Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange Knowles, Santigold, FKA Twigs, Nadia Aboulhosn, Janelle Monae, Janet Mock, Cipriana Quann, Jessica Williams, Nikisha Brunson, Kelela, Sade, Freddie Harrell, Gina Rodriguez, Jillian Hervey, Danielle Brooks, and Destiny Frasqueri (commonly known as Princess Nokia).

Clockwise from bottom left: Janet Mock, Freddie Harrell, Gina Rodriguez, Nadia Aboulhosn, Kelela, Tracee Ellis Ross, Santigold

We admire these women not just for their beauty and style: it’s because of their individual contributions to their communities, the ways that most of these women have brought attention to social causes, and their commitments to living authentically.

But if we are to return to style, the adjectives that describe any of these women at any given time are: classic, edgy, carefree, quirky, and trendsetting. We are always interested in what they are going to do next.

Overall, the Fleurish Girl is someone committed to living in a more creative, diverse, and just world. Every day, we work to cultivate a space that is representative of this spirit. We do this in the hopes that Fleurish Girls can feel affirmed and continue to thrive.


Fall/Winter Moodboard: Shanté

November is halfway over and we are just experiencing chillier days in Atlanta. However, it’s unlikely that the warm days are gone for good this season. Therefore, my inspirations for the next few months reflects the ever-fluctuating weather.


My inspirations are eclectic as always.The overall vibe I’m channeling hardly changes from season to season; just the materials. ‘Eclectic femme’ should be how I describe my style all the time. It was chosen for this moodboard because I’m inspired by boss ladies with funky style, people who take a light-hearted approach to style, and those who embrace the divine feminine.

Right now, I’m feeling fur and leather (preferably faux), jewel tones, velvet, bright eyeshadow, aviator eyeglasses, statement hoop earrings, and black outfits with an accent piece. I’m also inspired by fly hairstyles like braids, Afros, shaved heads and all of the above in fun colors.

First row: Wildfang, India Mitchell For CocainePretti, Farah Yusuf of Mahoyo

Second row: Zodwa by EverydayPeopleStories, Grace Bol for Paula Mendoza

First row: Solange for Michael Kors, Jessica Bentu by William Okoh

Second row: Charly of Chargaux, Cassey Chanel by Nadine Ijewere for Dazed

Third row (going clockwise): Yara Shahidi for Teen Vogue, Alvina Bokhari for Roberto Cavalli, Kiefer Dixon Photography

Going clockwise: IG: @chrismiss_, Yasmin Sewell, Solange for Michael Kors

In addition to the three mini moodboards above, I have created a playlist affectionately titled Boss with the Sauce.


Now that I’ve left you with treats for your eyes and ears, I’m very interested in knowing what other people are into this season. Let us know in the comments or on any of our social media accounts. Look for @fleurish1994 on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

With love,



Fall Moodboard: Dream

Hey, y’all, long time, no see. But the leaves are finally dropping here (which I know because of the amount of raking I’ve had to do). So we figure we should drop our fall moodboards.

Dream, here. Still here… In Atlanta. And still hella homesick. My fall inspo is supposed to be a homage to the girl I am inside, that is, just a girl from Uptown trying not to get stuck at E 180th for 40 minutes waiting to transfer trains. I would like to call it Uptown Betty.


Row One: Crystallized Bloodstone, Harlem’s Apollo Theatre, Willow Smith

Row Two: Jean of The Joneses, Vertigo, Jean of the Joneses

Row Three: Leaves, Cher Horowitz, Tracee Ellis Ross

Row Four: Dej Loaf, Rihanna, Laquan Smith

Therefore, my inspiration board reeks of a carefree, classic New York girl vibe, channeling a hood Cher Horowitz. An eccentric uptown socialite (I mean the real uptown, like Harlem & The Bronx, not the Upper East/West Side, if you catch my drift.) Basically, Teyana Taylor with a free spirit. Azealia Banks with prep. Junglepussy if she came from Uptown. As in twin sets worn with Timbs, bombers and berets worn with bamboo earrings. (I didn’t get to wear my bamboos all summer so please, let me have this.) Mary Jane shoes that walked her all the way to Champion Jamaican Bakery and corset belts and harnesses that parallel W 125 itself. Insert a little black boho edge, this inspiration comes with a bit of fall breeze, echoed in the embroidery and fringe.

I hope this board captures the essence of  the girl who effortlessly flows from both museums to underground concerts to Kennedy Chicken orrrr Red Rooster (or Amy Ruth’s– my personal fave) alike. From bottomless brunches to the classic weekday bacon egg and cheese. The intermediary of a new and old classic. Essentially, it’s the best of both of my worlds.


If you’re more of an auditory person, here’s a playlist to help me illustrate my flow.