Fleurish Girl of the Month: Ivie Osaghae

We recently sat down with a majorly cool person named Ivie (pronounced ee-vee-ay), an aspiring anthropologist who is proof that a busy schedule can pay off. Despite always having something on her agenda, Ivie manages to find time for leisure and amazing style. During the conversation, we talked about topics ranging from zodiac signs (she’s the ultimate Taurus, with it occupying her sun, moon AND rising!) to aspirations to everlasting style influences and musical faves. Read on to learn all about our first Fleurish Girl of the Month.

Ivie O.

[Part 1: Identity]

Fleurish1994: What is your title? What do you do?

Ivie Osaghae: You want all of them or the main one?

F: All of them!

I: I am president of black Student Alliance at Georgia State [University], I am an intern at the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence. I am also co chair of Power Students that’s also housed in the Crim Center. I am a member of, like, two or three different boards on this Youth March for Peace, which a walk that’s happening in April. Umm, what else, what else, what else? I’m a junior at Georgia State, I’m an aspiring anthropologist, uh, my major is Anthropology with a minor in African American studies. Um, yeah. Just an all around busy person.

F: How would you describe yourself?

I: Um.Well, I have a tendency to kinda compartmentalize my personality in order to function in different spaces and I feel like a lot of black women do. Very rarely do we kind of allow ourselves to be a cohesive person all the time and so I don’t feel like I’m necessarily sectioning off part of my personality but there’s times in which, you know, you have to have more of this and then more of that. So for me, I’m a very logistical, analytical type person but after meeting a lot of people this year, I’m starting to allow myself to be a lot more emotionally open and allowing myself feel, I’m slowly deconstructing this strong black woman persona that I’ve created for myself. It’s amazing what happens to your emotions to kinda line up with everything you believe in. And so, I’m becoming a lot more self aware of who I am in these spaces. So yeah, I’m definitely a very analytical person, I’m allowing myself to feel more so that’s an interesting journey that I’ve been on thus far. I’m kinda awkward generally…

F: We all are.

I: Yeah, like, who isn’t awkward? That’s true. Which has gotten better. I remember high school me used to be like, somebody used to try and talk to me and I would just run off in a different direction. Like, internally, I would just be like ‘Yeah, Ok’ and that’s it. But now, I think BSA (Black Student Alliance) has forced me to be someone that’s a lot more outgoing and extroverted. But I would at the same time, say that I am an ambivert. I like meeting new people but I also, really really like my own spaces. And so I kinda have this very rich internal life going on; I’m not always talking to other people.


F: So I was curious when you said that you basically have the different you, the different spaces, like it’s still you, of course, but like in what spaces are you allowed to be more emotional?

I: Well, I’m working on making staying true to who I am in every space. But as for now, I find myself being able to do it more so in the spaces that I cultivate with my friends or people that I choose to spend my time with outside of professional settings. Oddly enough, my job is a space where I’m allowed to be who I am all the time. Because I can be that funny, dark sense of humor person that I am. Here and there, you know? Just the places that I cultivate with my friends, whether they’re work friends or whether they’re personal friends, those are the places that I get to be who I am all the time.


I would like to say it’s a very eclectic form of … If you took a dash of Denise Huxtable, a little bit of Whitley from A Different World, kind of mix it with classic Katharine Hepburn it would be something like that.

F: I love what you’re wearing. Describe your style.

I: I would like to say it’s a very eclectic form of … If you took a dash of Denise Huxtable, a little bit of Whitley from A Different World, kind of mix it with classic Katharine Hepburn it would be something like that. I like to take very straight and simple pieces and then just build everything around it. But then also at the same time, put an Afrocentric twist on it. I’m half Nigerian so when I was younger, I used to hate a lot of traditional clothes. I never understood why, like, ‘I’m a girl. Why do I have to wear a skirt?’ I never got that but now I’m wearing a skort. I guess I pick and choose the moments when I want to be feminine or masculine in my clothes. But I really like a good cardigan. I like a good pair of jeans. I like a nice pair of oxfords and I damn sure love a good blazer. But at the same time, I feel like there was a time in high school where I hit this realization where I was like ‘Hey, I like traditionally girly stuff.’ I just started launching myself headfirst into wearing dresses and skirts and playing with makeup. I’m still really, really bitter that my mom let me go through four years of high school without showing me how to do eyebrows!

F[D]: Well, no one really did eyebrows until a few years ago so you’re good.

F [S]: It wasn’t even like when you get to high school everyone is doing eyebrows, it was kinda just a thing no one did so no one was looking for it.

I: Right? But looking back on my high school experience, flipping through old photos, I’m like ‘Damn, I didn’t have eyebrows!’ I had shadows! And the first time I had eyebrows in pictures was my senior pictures. I was just about to go out and get them because these pictures were hella expensive and my mom stopped me like ‘So, you’re not going to do your eyebrows?’ She sat me in the bathroom, did them and I’m sitting there looking at my face and thinking this was weird. Now I look back at those photos and I think ‘This woman really let  me go through four years of high school without learning how to do my damn eyebrows!’ She didn’t do them for graduation either!  It was just for the pictures! And I’m just like ‘Well damn!’ So now, I love doing makeup. I have so much makeup, it’s crazy. When I like something, I have a tendency to go over board and buy a lot of it. Now I have those fishermen toolbox type things, you like a tackle box? I have a tackle box full of makeup and not all of  it fits in there. As far as style goes, I’ve always loved clothes. I wanted to be a fashion designer until I realized I can’t draw or sew. I always really liked buying clothes. I’ve always loved shopping. You know what? I might actually look into personally shopping for people.



Love is hard to describe when you’re in it. What I can say is that love transcends this Valentine’s “holiday”. This will be my third Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, but I’m still one who mainly looks forward to the days after the 14th when candy gets marked down 50%. Because 1) who doesn’t like inexpensive treats? and 2) love is an all year thing.

However, I will attempt to tell you a little bit more of what love is like, even though plenty of poets, writers, and musicians have painted this abstract picture much more vividly. Love is different for everyone. Despite being its own emotion, it’s a combination of other emotions. People express love in various ways and not all love is romantic. There’s also platonic love between friends and good old familial love. In terms of romantic love, there is simply a grand feeling you get you when you see the person you’ve fallen for. Vague as it sounds, it’s true. And it’s not unlike the happiness I feel when I see two people show just how much they enjoy being with each other, like real-life couple Josh and Anne (featured below).

With that, Dream and I present you with Loved, volume 5 of Fleurish1994.

– Shante




Couple: Anne & Josh

Photographer: Dream M.

Stylist: Shante H.



Fleurish Five

Fleurish Five | 2.5.16

Hey! What’s Up, Hello! It’s Dream and here are five things I’ve digging this week.

  1. Melat | Mercury in Retrograde

So I’ve been casually surfing the Saint Heron page a few weeks ago and I happened upon this astrology based song. I’m obsessed with the stars and cosmos and what they mean so I had to give it a listen. The sound is markedly Scorpio, mysteriously sexy, but the lyrics speak of a misunderstanding

2. Prison Kids | Fusion

Like so many of us, I check my phone when I wake up almost immediately. When it comes to the featured channels, I noticed I enjoyed Fusion’s content the most. It’s my new favorite channel. Lately, they have been running a fascinating and informative investigative documentary about juvenile incarceration.

3. Ava Sarah Perkins | Jamie and Nikki

I have a confession: I have baby fever. It’s most likely because so many of my friends are pregnant or new mothers but my God, it’s in full bloom. One of my favorite YouTube couples have just given birth to their adorable baby girl and I honestly shed a few thug tears watching it.

4. Loyle Carner | Florence

I was surfing Tumblr one day, procrastinating probably, when I saw a video of a freckled faced boy making a pancake. I’m always up for cooking videos but when I turned on the audio, it was the sweetest ode to a girl that I’ve heard in a minute.

5. Frida Kahlo art



Griz and Norm’s Flowers

Lately, I have seen so many artworks with Frida Kahlo as the subject. Between her flower crowns and her feminism, I have really been loving the love for her. I might even draw her myself. Find the art here. (I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the artisan that makes the pillows. They were set up in Union Square Park and I didn’t catch it. I’ll be looking though.)

With care,

Dream M.

Fleurish Five

The Fleurish Five | 1.28.16


1. Mustard Yellow | Around New Year’s Eve, I was looking for a good color to feature on the @fleurish1994 twitter when I happened upon this mustard yellow. It’s my new favorite and apparently, Michelle Obama’s as well.

2. JUNGLEPUSSY | Pregnant with Success

Back with her sophomore album, the brown queen of health and style is out here trying to remind girls of their worth and their potential. I finally got a chance to listen uninterrupted and I’m upset I didn’t do it earlier. Personal Favorites: Spicy 103 FM, Pop For You & ‘Bout You. Listen here.

3. River Island Utility Playsuit In Floral Print


Photo via ASOS

It’s so gloomy lately here and honestly, I just want it to either snow or just let spring come. For the latter, I’ve been eyeing this playsuit. (It also features mustard yellow.)

4. I’m a Sagittarius so by nature,  I’m prone to bouts of wanderlusting (it’s a verb now, ok?) Lee Litumbe and her blog, Spirited Pursuit has been feeding my lust to break out of the US.

5. Adidas Tubular


Photo via Hypebeast

I confess, I am a sneaker head. I love them, I cherish them and I pine for them. I first saw these on Twitter in a beautiful olive green and just knew. Momentarily, I am searching for it in a more unique colorway but right now, I just want to stare at its beauty.


  1. Song Exploder – A podcast that breaks down elements of an artist’s song through interviews with that artist and/or influential people involved with its production. It can uncover Easter eggs hidden in the song and often makes me have an “A-ha!” moment. I came across this podcast when I was very into the song “Inside Out” by Spoon. This episode is still one of my favorites. Other episodes/songs I really enjoy:

The most recent episode is about “Time to Pretend” by MGMT, which brought up feelings of teen girl nostalgia for me. MGMT is a band that I listened to heavily during high school and I’ve got the Last.fm stats to prove it. What I’m looking forward to is the next episode which will break down “Rewind” by Kelela.

2. Vegan Doughnuts – One day, I went to lunch with one of my best friends since high school and we ventured into the West End. There, we went to Tassili’s Raw Reality, a plant-based restaurant serving kale wraps, salads, and the like. I didn’t order a meal, but what caught my eye were these pastries that were initially ambiguous. Once I asked, and found out they were doughnuts, my sweet tooth led me to a large chocolate-covered one with blueberries on top. This was probably in November and I can’t stop thinking about it. Especially now that I have a flyer for a vegan doughnut shop, also in the West End, sitting in my drawer.

3. Kelsey Lu – Morning After Coffee  I have followed Kelsey Lu for quite some time on Instagram. I’ve seen her feature on StyleLikeU and I was aware that she made music. For some reason or another, I hadn’t actually heard her music until now. Because I am speechless over how much I enjoyed this (and I’m wondering why it took me so long to listen), I’ll let the video speak for itself.

4. Self-Care – Cold wintry days can sometimes make people feel blue. And for people who feel this way more often, this season can be especially dreary. We have to be attentive to our emotional (and overall) needs; make a self-care kit or talk to someone you trust if you feel comfortable. Just remember to take care of you.

5. This article with a slideshow of outfits worn by Solange, proving that she looks great in every color and slays all year long.




It was a month around the release of the first Fleurish1994 editorial when someone tumblr instant messaged me and said we had #blackgirlmagic. Previously, it didn’t occur to me that what we did was worthy of such a title; I just thought we were creative. But when she said it, it made all the sense in the world. We were black girls creating something beautiful and doing it well. That was our brand of black girl magic and we were ultra proud to carry the flag.

Fast forward to a few days ago when my timeline blew up due to a certain Elle magazine article. In the article, the author decided that the hashtag, while beautiful, was not an accurate depiction of the black woman’s experience for a number of reasons. Many people took to Twitter, Tumblr and other media outlets to refute the article.

Before I get into this, I want to point out that the author made some good points. For instance, black girls and women are not magical in the literal sense. We don’t shit glitter, we don’t heal twice as fast as other humans and we certainly don’t grant wishes. As most of the world believes that black people  do have superhero powers, it is important to debunk this. Second, black girls are human. We are human. We bleed the same, we cry the same, we hurt the same as anybody else.

That being said, Shante and I think that she not only missed the point and miffed off the subjects, she also used many false equalities to justify her point. Moreover, she didn’t actually write this to address the problems within the hashtag. Otherwise, she would have published it somewhere other black girls could have an open discussion about it. Instead, she ran to a white publication in an action that felt eerily reminiscent of someone airing out private laundry in a public place.

First off: We, as black girls, are magical. Not because we don’t have issues or challenges or obstacles both intrinsic and extrinsic but because in spite of those problems, we still manage to triumph. Even with all the burdens of life and barriers of victory, black girls stay winning.

Second: We can be magical beings and be human. The #blackgirlmagic hashtag is a safe place of black girl self love without the perversion of white supremacy. We don’t need to talk about the Magical Negro Effect there because all black girls understand that we are not literally magical. This argument doesn’t need articulating because it is not an issue for the crowd who subscribe to the term.

Third: Sandra Bland had black girl magic. As did the other black female victims of police brutality and abuse. So do black girls with disabilities. As do all black girls. Unfortunately, no one else sees it, therefore we must first recognize it in ourselves. Black girls are the best riders for black girls so at every chance at we must celebrate and optimize our glow. This hashtag is not to say that we don’t catch shit from the rest of the world; we all recognize that we do. We choose to celebrate the happiness and humanity in us. That’s what black girl magic is about.

Four: We are happy to be black girls doing awesome things, making awesome things and sharing them with awesome people. We are happy to see other black girls doing the same. We are happy to support other black girls doing things. That, in and of itself, is sheer magic. And that is the epitome of black girl magic.

-Dream M. (AKA a magical black girl)






Notebook $26, Pencils (Set of 3) $6


Beanie: $22, Jacket: $44, Notepad: $8, Bottle Opener Keychain: $5, Waxed Lunch Bag: $20


T-shirt: $22, Dress: $58


Thank You Cards: $35 (set of 8), Coasters: $10 (set of 12)


Do It Together Kit, Embroidered Tree, Small Print, Large Print: Call for pricing



Tote bags: $15, Georgia Photo Resin (handmade in Atlanta): $40, Sweatshirt: $50


Auburn Avenue Tea: $3.75/ounce, Amethyst Earrings: $16, Crystal Bath: $16, Peace of Mind Tea: $3.75/ounce ($2.50 for tin), Salt Scrub: $18


Soap: $8 Candle:$20 Beanie: $22 Scarf: Call for price Pillow: $60

We collaborated with The Byrd’s Box and Just add Honey in Downtown Atlanta to bring you guys this last minute gift guide. There is something for everyone here from the ultimate Party hostess to the Girl on the Go.

Go visit The Byrd’s Box & Justaddhoney at 171 Auburn Avenue in Atlanta.

The Byrd’s Box: (404) 791-0489

Justaddhoney: (404) 725-5286

Happy holidays! Remember to Fleurish!

Model: Breonna T.

Photographer: Dream M.

Creative Director: Shante H.

Special Thanks to The Byrd’s Box and Just Add Honey.







We’re presenting a lesson in mineralogy and serving you black girl magic with Volume 2 of Fleurish1994. Crystallized. features outfits inspired by some of our favorite crystals: Amethyst, Malachite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Goldstone, Tiger Iron, Opalite and Bloodstone.





Blue Lace Agate



Blue Goldstone



Tiger Iron








Fleurish1994 Vol. 2 | Crystallized. 


Amethyst, Opalite and Tiger Iron: Larissa

Malachite and Blue Goldstone: Taylor

Blue Lace Agate and Bloodstone: Kayla

Creative Director and Stylist: Shante H.

Photographer: Dream M.

Special Thanks to Chris H.





Crown 1: Birds of Paradise



Crown 2: Silver Sage, Chamelaucium, Alstroemeria



Hair Comb: Straw Flowers, Billy Balls, Cymbidium Orchids



Crown 3: Silver Sage, Green Dianthus, Gomphrena, Alstroemeria




Crown 4: Hanging Amaranthus, Silver Sage




The debut editorial of Fleurish1994

We here at Fleurish1994 are so excited to bring you the premiere visuals behind our little brainchild. Starting from just a little idea, we are so pleased to actually present it to the world. Please enjoy these visuals as much as we enjoyed making them.

Xo, Fleurish1994

Fleurish1994: The brainchild of two black girls with endless dreams and colorful visions

Co-Founder and Photographer: Dream M.

Co-Founder and Creative Director: Shanté H.

Models: Makaela, Habiba, Myielle

Flowers: Candler Park Flower Market; Crowns by Shanté

Special Thanks to Khepra