Fleurish 1994 is the brainchild of two black girls with endless dreams and colorful visions.

Dream McClinton & Shanté Honeycutt are the founders behind Fleurish 1994.

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About Fleurish 1994

Fleurish1994, often stylized as fleurish1994, was started in 2015 as a “for us, by us” online magazine for young femmes of color. It is a place of creativity, visual editorials and discussions that invite our audience to center and celebrate themselves.
Our content caters to intellectually and artistically aware women and femmes of color. Our audience are socially and style conscious women and femmes of color, particularly feminists and the niche affectionately called, “art hoes”.

Crowned. and Crystallized. are our top performing visual posts. Our top editorial posts are essays and resources, particularly Dark Skin Girls Don’t Get Married, Ceejai vs. The Real World, Women of Color and Mental Health and The Beauty of Aging.

 Just this year, our page views are around 703, taken around early November 2017, with 364 in unique viewers, marking an 84.77% increase in visitors this year and an average of 8.5 visitors per week.

Fleurish1994 averages about 65 page views per month with about 16 views per week. In 2017 alone, our page views increased 53.83%. As of early November 2017, our all time views, according to WordPress Statistics, is 1,609, with all time visitors, at 705.

Our Twitter profile, (@fleurish1994), holds a 2.6% engagement rate. After our social media campaign which we created and enacted around May 2017, these page views increased to about 229.6, making our Twitter growth rate around 56.8%. Previously, our average monthly profile visits remained steady at around 146.8 views.

About the Founders

Dream has previously written for Refinery29 and HerCampus, the #1 site for collegiate women, according to Forbes. Shanté previously hosted a radio show for Georgia State University’s award-winning WRAS Album 88.

For further questions or inquiries, please contact us at fleurish1994@gmail.com

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