Summer Bucket List

Ambitious as we are, yours truly at Fleurish1994 decided to make a mini summer bucket list to keep ourselves engaged!



+ Roller skating (at Riverbank State Park)

+ Dance in the Labor Day Parade

+ Go to a day party (extra points if it’s a rooftop party)

+ Watch the sunset somewhere on the Westside

+ Go to Afropunk!


+ Commune more with nature

+ Eat more vegan meals (celebrating my three year vegetarian anniversary in July)

+ Take more photos/create a photo diary

+ Get another tattoo (perhaps, something small but where??)

+ Read a few books by authors of color (currently taking suggestions)

What’s on your summer bucket list? Any essentials you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments or start a convo with us on Twitter or Instagram @fleurish1994.

xoxo, D+S


One thought on “Summer Bucket List

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