Fleurish Five

Fleurish Five: Summer Solstice Edition


Happy Wednesday! It’s the beginning of the summer solstice, which means we’ve officially entered Cancer season (and we’re one step closer to Leo season, but I digress). The last month or so has been about introspection for me and I foresee this continuing during the summer. I’ve been getting all of these signs that it’s time for growth, so I’m embracing the summer solstice as a time of continued reflection and maturation.

Summer Solstice Ritual

Delving into my spiritual work is very important for me at the moment; I’m working on trusting myself and my intuition. Per my mom’s influence, I’m beginning a total energy clearing decree tonight, which I will repeat for the next seven days. I’m also going to continue my daily self-care rituals: eating foods I enjoy, listening to music, drinking water, and spending time outside (usually with my crystals). The literature and daily insights of other femmes of color is also highly recommended!


I believe that society’s collective Gemini hatred is unwarranted. So many of my faves are Geminis and that includes one of my #WCW, Kelela. I’m celebrating her as we exit Gemini season (although have my sister tell it, it extends to the full month of June). Here’s Kelela, looking alt-babe AF in a recent Niijournal feature.

kelela nii journal by campbell addy

credit: Campbell Addy

I’ve got love for my Cancers too; my other #WCW is Cancer queen and Fleurish fave, Solange. She’ll be celebrating her birthday on the 24th. Also, I’m super excited that she will be performing at Afropunk in Atlanta!


credit: Robin Eisenberg

Cleo | Charlotte Dos Santos

I’ve talked about Charlotte Dos Santos here before and how much I enjoy her music; she decided to bless this solstice by releasing her debut EP. It has a few songs that I’ve already grown to love and more that I will have on repeat this summer.


It’s the beginning of summer! I am in a finally hot, sticky, sweaty New York City and I wouldn’t have it any other way– Although I will say, not having ubiquitous central air has certainly humbled me. Summer and I have a deep affection for one another and no matter how many bad ones I’ve had, it never seems to sour. For me, the solstice marks a kick off of endless sunsets and great experiences. Vive el verano!

Rooftop Garden of Met

Only open when the weather permits and most likely hella crowded even then, I had the lovely pleasure of going to the rooftop garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art when my friend visited last month. I expected to think it was cool but it never expected it to make me “feel”. I have always said NYC feels different, it vibrates some special frequency and at the top of the MET, our vibrations met once again. The museum is on the outskirts of Central Park and from the roof, the skyline and the park. It’s definitely a must see, must experience quintessential summer view. Here’s my pictures from when I visited. I promise you it feels amazing up there.


“Why Don’t We Fall In Love” | Amerie

I’m pretty sure one of everyone’s favorite summer jams but when you’re from the Northeast, I’m sure this song is more special to you. When I hear it, I can feel the icee man with his helado cart, I can hear the screams of the kids playing the streams of the water from a re-appropriated fire hydrant, the jingle of Mr. Softee and loud streaks of the train. Of all the summer classics, it’s the one that most reminds me of roller skating at Riverbank and watching summer sunsets from the train. Even though Amerie doesn’t quite agree, this is the song that makes me want to bust out my short shorts.

How are you welcoming in the summer solstice? What are your summer must-haves? Let us know on Twitter @fleurish1994!


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