Fleurish Five

Fleurish Five 2.10.17


1. Still Processing

This podcast is one of my favorite things right now and I’m glad I finally gave it a chance. When it first came out, I was interested because I follow one of the hosts, Jenna Wortham, on Instagram. With podcasts, however, I have to be able to access it easily on my phone for me to stay involved and I don’t believe it was on Google Play initially (I could be wrong). Something told me to check again last month and there it was! Since then, I have been binge listening and Still Processing is everything I needed in a podcast. Wortham and her co-host Wesley Morris are both writers for the New York Times and the podcast finds them dissecting and discussing various topics – music, art, politics, technology, you name it! What I really love is the fact that it’s two black LGBTQ folks keeping it real and I can totally relate. Some of my favorite episodes are as follows:
– the one about Kanye
– the episode where they visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture aka “Blacksonian
– the one where they put Moonlight and A Seat at the Table in conversation with one another

…honestly all of the segments are worth a listen just to hear the banter and shared admiration between Wortham and Morris.

2. Black History/Futures Month

I love that, in recent years, (and this may just be because I seek out diverse content) there has been more of a focus on the hidden figures of Black history during February. We’ve heard almost all there is to know about Martin. A decent amount about Malcolm – but he was too radical for the public school set. There’s widespread info about Rosa and a few other palatable Black icons. Yet, for those of us who went to public school, we have had to learn the truth about our history once we reach higher education. I have yet to see Hidden Figures but I am so on board with rejecting the whitewashing of history. I also enjoy the concept of Black Futures Month – basically bringing to the forefront the Black people who are doing amazing things today or in more recent history. I think that solely focusing on the Civil Rights era in terms of Black greatness serves a post-racial mentality…one that does not reflect our reality.

Also for me, every month is Black History Month *raises fist*.

3. Charlotte Dos Santos

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I co-host a radio show on my school’s station that features R&B, Neo-soul, and everything in between. One artist I stumbled upon while looking for new music is Brazilian/Norwegian artist Charlotte Dos Santos. I just think she’s doing something so important musically – it’s retro but also very fresh. Her voice is soulful, smooth, and very easy to listen to. She was recently featured on Black Girl Magik, which made me happy; not only for the sake of me knowing more about her but just to know that she is getting some recognition. Below is the video for one of her songs that I can’t get enough of. The video was simultaneously not what I expected but everything I needed.


4. Jarry The Worst

Make up gurus on YouTube can be a bit annoying, particularly when they all do the same looks over and over and over. But along came Jarry. Jarry, a college student from the Baltimore does these over the top looks and she does it well. It may be more adventurous than my normal eyeliner-highlighter duo but hey, I admire her skills! Her YouTube channel is here.

5. The Cuba Libre story


So boom. I hate binge watching and I really have to be sitting down with nothing else to do in order to do it. But Fidel Castro’s recent death left me feeling sort of ambivalent and I was twisting up my hair with nothing else to do so I perused Netflix for a pick that wouldn’t leave me too annoyed. Cuba Libre to the rescue. This docu-series really breaks down Cuba’s liberation from multiple perspectives, which gives a fuller picture of how modern day Cuba came to be. Like I said, I don’t binge watch but it did leave me entertained and more informed with nicely twisted hair by the end of the two episodes.

(photos not our own)


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