State of America

There are so many words, but simultaneously not enough to describe where we are at right now. I’m referring to personally, interpersonally, nationally, and globally. I have a lot of feelings. But a week post-election, my initial shock and distress has subsided. At this point, my concern is not becoming complacent with the situation. Learning more and challenging/championing certain issues, especially in my own community, is important to me.

Even though I don’t really have all the words, Dream wrote this article for HerCampus the day right after the election. It perfectly sums up how many of us felt on November 9 and how many continue to feel.

Many of us are concerned with how the policies enacted in the next four years will affect us. Just know in these times of uncertainty that it’s important for us to band together, support one another, and allow room for healing. A goal for Fleurish1994 moving forward is for this platform to be one of those healing spaces. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see, be it related to healing or otherwise, feel free to let us know.

With Love,



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