Fleurish Five

Fleurish Five 5.27.16


1. Personal Style Muse | Tracee Ellis Ross

I shift muses a lot. From season to season and month to month, as I evolve so do my muses. I have to admit, I’ve never quite paid that much attention to her personal style outside of her characters but Tracee Ellis Ross’ personal style has truly struck a chord with me. From her more lax choices (A Kimono and Adidas? Genius!) to her dressier choices (A Norma Kamali dress and YSL blazer with TIMBS! ICONIC!), Ms. Ross has truly earned her place in my everlasting hall of muses.

2. Tell Me from “The Heart Speaks in Whispers” | Corinne Bailey Rae

I’m a sucker for CBR and her new album is no exception. The soul truly blasts from this album in a way that reminds me both of my dear Harlem and a Caribbean tropical beach near simultaneously. Here’s my favorite record of the bunch, Tell Me.

3. Solange’s Snapchat


Our Sol-angel has captured our heart again, but this time with her Snapchat. Each snap shows Solange living her best carefree black girl life, a life I think we all might aspire to. P.S. Sometimes, she puts up album snippets!


4. She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

I approach films and other media about feminism with caution because I’m wary of one-sided narratives in which intersectional feminism is not the goal or focus. Yet, this film did a great job exploring all facets of the women’s liberation movements of the late 1960s. Movements that put a spotlight on how race, class, and sexuality intersect with gender were all featured; a feminist branch of the Puerto Rican nationalist group Young Lords and groups with black lesbians were shown, among many others. What’s even better is that the movie was able to highlight criticisms of and within those movements. Recommended viewing: I streamed it via Netflix and it’s also available for rent on Amazon Prime.

5. SassyBlack

The Afrofuturistic duo THEESatisfaction recently disbanded to focus on personal and independent projects. Regrettably, I did not listen to them a ton while they were together, but I am taking the time to explore their work and will look out for any solo work that comes from either member. SassyBlack, née Catherine ‘Cat’ White, recently released an jamming album titled No More Weak Dates.  The single ‘New Boo’ is highlighted above. Give the album a listen and also check out White’s previous album Personal Sunlight (‘Sorry I Had to Funk You Up,’ also featured above, is from this album).

Also, I second Dream’s praise of Tracee Ellis Ross’ personal style. She’s been killing it for years and continues to do so!


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