Fleurish Five

Fleurish Five | 5.12.16

Anddd… We’re back! Sorry for the short hiatus. But what matters is that we’re here and like Bryson Tiller loves to say, back and so much better, so so much better. One of us has graduated college (!!); the other completed the semester with stellar grades. We’re going to celebrate these accomplishments and our return with a Fleurish Five!

Dream M.

  1. Preston Harris | Good Morning

So long story short, I was perusing Soundcloud, listening to a completely different artist’s catalogue when this popped up in suggested listening. We all know how I love a soft R&B sound…

2. CocoaSwatches

As a dark skinned girl, it’s quite hard for me to buy makeup online. Primarily because it’s difficult to know and see what shade will show up on my skin tone. Most sites use lighter skinned models, making it difficult for me to see how it might work on someone like me. But here is CocoaSwatches to the rescue. The app/site/Instagram enlists the help of brown beauty bloggers to show how newly released makeup might fare on darker skinned women. The app is available to download here on Google Play.

3. Meghal and Natasha

Cool ass makeup tutorials from beautiful brown girls? I’m sold.


4. Corinne Bailey Rae – Green Aphrodisiac

New music from one of the artists I played on repeat growing up. Corinne Bailey Rae has such a soft, soulful voice and this track shows her full range. Featuring vocals from the lovely trio KING, ‘Green Aphrodisiac’ will be on Corinne’s follow-up to 2011’s The Love EP. The Heart Speaks in Whispers is due on May 13 (tomorrow!). Also, check out how majestic she looks in this video. We missed you while you were away, Corinne! Considering how much this new work is moving me, it was worth the wait!

5. Veggie Tacos

I’ve been eating a considerable amount of tacos and I’m ok with that! I really enjoy going to restaurants that do Taco Tuesday to get $2 tacos, sometimes for $1 for the veggie ones. #veggielife #mealsfordalow. All jokes aside, put some onions, zucchini, mushrooms or any assortment of veggies on a corn tortilla and I’m sold. Don’t forget the cilantro and hot sauce!


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