Fleurish Girl of the Month: Ivie Osaghae

We recently sat down with a majorly cool person named Ivie (pronounced ee-vee-ay), an aspiring anthropologist who is proof that a busy schedule can pay off. Despite always having something on her agenda, Ivie manages to find time for leisure and amazing style. During the conversation, we talked about topics ranging from zodiac signs (she’s the ultimate Taurus, with it occupying her sun, moon AND rising!) to aspirations to everlasting style influences and musical faves. Read on to learn all about our first Fleurish Girl of the Month.

Ivie O.

[Part 1: Identity]

Fleurish1994: What is your title? What do you do?

Ivie Osaghae: You want all of them or the main one?

F: All of them!

I: I am president of black Student Alliance at Georgia State [University], I am an intern at the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence. I am also co chair of Power Students that’s also housed in the Crim Center. I am a member of, like, two or three different boards on this Youth March for Peace, which a walk that’s happening in April. Umm, what else, what else, what else? I’m a junior at Georgia State, I’m an aspiring anthropologist, uh, my major is Anthropology with a minor in African American studies. Um, yeah. Just an all around busy person.

F: How would you describe yourself?

I: Um.Well, I have a tendency to kinda compartmentalize my personality in order to function in different spaces and I feel like a lot of black women do. Very rarely do we kind of allow ourselves to be a cohesive person all the time and so I don’t feel like I’m necessarily sectioning off part of my personality but there’s times in which, you know, you have to have more of this and then more of that. So for me, I’m a very logistical, analytical type person but after meeting a lot of people this year, I’m starting to allow myself to be a lot more emotionally open and allowing myself feel, I’m slowly deconstructing this strong black woman persona that I’ve created for myself. It’s amazing what happens to your emotions to kinda line up with everything you believe in. And so, I’m becoming a lot more self aware of who I am in these spaces. So yeah, I’m definitely a very analytical person, I’m allowing myself to feel more so that’s an interesting journey that I’ve been on thus far. I’m kinda awkward generally…

F: We all are.

I: Yeah, like, who isn’t awkward? That’s true. Which has gotten better. I remember high school me used to be like, somebody used to try and talk to me and I would just run off in a different direction. Like, internally, I would just be like ‘Yeah, Ok’ and that’s it. But now, I think BSA (Black Student Alliance) has forced me to be someone that’s a lot more outgoing and extroverted. But I would at the same time, say that I am an ambivert. I like meeting new people but I also, really really like my own spaces. And so I kinda have this very rich internal life going on; I’m not always talking to other people.


F: So I was curious when you said that you basically have the different you, the different spaces, like it’s still you, of course, but like in what spaces are you allowed to be more emotional?

I: Well, I’m working on making staying true to who I am in every space. But as for now, I find myself being able to do it more so in the spaces that I cultivate with my friends or people that I choose to spend my time with outside of professional settings. Oddly enough, my job is a space where I’m allowed to be who I am all the time. Because I can be that funny, dark sense of humor person that I am. Here and there, you know? Just the places that I cultivate with my friends, whether they’re work friends or whether they’re personal friends, those are the places that I get to be who I am all the time.


I would like to say it’s a very eclectic form of … If you took a dash of Denise Huxtable, a little bit of Whitley from A Different World, kind of mix it with classic Katharine Hepburn it would be something like that.

F: I love what you’re wearing. Describe your style.

I: I would like to say it’s a very eclectic form of … If you took a dash of Denise Huxtable, a little bit of Whitley from A Different World, kind of mix it with classic Katharine Hepburn it would be something like that. I like to take very straight and simple pieces and then just build everything around it. But then also at the same time, put an Afrocentric twist on it. I’m half Nigerian so when I was younger, I used to hate a lot of traditional clothes. I never understood why, like, ‘I’m a girl. Why do I have to wear a skirt?’ I never got that but now I’m wearing a skort. I guess I pick and choose the moments when I want to be feminine or masculine in my clothes. But I really like a good cardigan. I like a good pair of jeans. I like a nice pair of oxfords and I damn sure love a good blazer. But at the same time, I feel like there was a time in high school where I hit this realization where I was like ‘Hey, I like traditionally girly stuff.’ I just started launching myself headfirst into wearing dresses and skirts and playing with makeup. I’m still really, really bitter that my mom let me go through four years of high school without showing me how to do eyebrows!

F[D]: Well, no one really did eyebrows until a few years ago so you’re good.

F [S]: It wasn’t even like when you get to high school everyone is doing eyebrows, it was kinda just a thing no one did so no one was looking for it.

I: Right? But looking back on my high school experience, flipping through old photos, I’m like ‘Damn, I didn’t have eyebrows!’ I had shadows! And the first time I had eyebrows in pictures was my senior pictures. I was just about to go out and get them because these pictures were hella expensive and my mom stopped me like ‘So, you’re not going to do your eyebrows?’ She sat me in the bathroom, did them and I’m sitting there looking at my face and thinking this was weird. Now I look back at those photos and I think ‘This woman really let  me go through four years of high school without learning how to do my damn eyebrows!’ She didn’t do them for graduation either!  It was just for the pictures! And I’m just like ‘Well damn!’ So now, I love doing makeup. I have so much makeup, it’s crazy. When I like something, I have a tendency to go over board and buy a lot of it. Now I have those fishermen toolbox type things, you like a tackle box? I have a tackle box full of makeup and not all of  it fits in there. As far as style goes, I’ve always loved clothes. I wanted to be a fashion designer until I realized I can’t draw or sew. I always really liked buying clothes. I’ve always loved shopping. You know what? I might actually look into personally shopping for people.


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