Love is hard to describe when you’re in it. What I can say is that love transcends this Valentine’s “holiday”. This will be my third Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, but I’m still one who mainly looks forward to the days after the 14th when candy gets marked down 50%. Because 1) who doesn’t like inexpensive treats? and 2) love is an all year thing.

However, I will attempt to tell you a little bit more of what love is like, even though plenty of poets, writers, and musicians have painted this abstract picture much more vividly. Love is different for everyone. Despite being its own emotion, it’s a combination of other emotions. People express love in various ways and not all love is romantic. There’s also platonic love between friends and good old familial love. In terms of romantic love, there is simply a grand feeling you get you when you see the person you’ve fallen for. Vague as it sounds, it’s true. And it’s not unlike the happiness I feel when I see two people show just how much they enjoy being with each other, like real-life couple Josh and Anne (featured below).

With that, Dream and I present you with Loved, volume 5 of Fleurish1994.

– Shante




Couple: Anne & Josh

Photographer: Dream M.

Stylist: Shante H.




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