Fleurish Five

Fleurish Five | 2.5.16

Hey! What’s Up, Hello! It’s Dream and here are five things I’ve digging this week.

  1. Melat | Mercury in Retrograde

So I’ve been casually surfing the Saint Heron page a few weeks ago and I happened upon this astrology based song. I’m obsessed with the stars and cosmos and what they mean so I had to give it a listen. The sound is markedly Scorpio, mysteriously sexy, but the lyrics speak of a misunderstanding

2. Prison Kids | Fusion

Like so many of us, I check my phone when I wake up almost immediately. When it comes to the featured channels, I noticed I enjoyed Fusion’s content the most. It’s my new favorite channel. Lately, they have been running a fascinating and informative investigative documentary about juvenile incarceration.

3. Ava Sarah Perkins | Jamie and Nikki

I have a confession: I have baby fever. It’s most likely because so many of my friends are pregnant or new mothers but my God, it’s in full bloom. One of my favorite YouTube couples have just given birth to their adorable baby girl and I honestly shed a few thug tears watching it.

4. Loyle Carner | Florence

I was surfing Tumblr one day, procrastinating probably, when I saw a video of a freckled faced boy making a pancake. I’m always up for cooking videos but when I turned on the audio, it was the sweetest ode to a girl that I’ve heard in a minute.

5. Frida Kahlo art



Griz and Norm’s Flowers

Lately, I have seen so many artworks with Frida Kahlo as the subject. Between her flower crowns and her feminism, I have really been loving the love for her. I might even draw her myself. Find the art here. (I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the artisan that makes the pillows. They were set up in Union Square Park and I didn’t catch it. I’ll be looking though.)

With care,

Dream M.


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